Total Cost Analysis

Total Cost Analysis

Do you know what’s driving your total cost of ownership?

What if there was a way to measure all of your costs, truck by truck, to lower your total cost of ownership?

The answer lays in the data…your data. Using your fleet data and our proprietary Total Cost of Ownership Analytics model, we can analyze all the metrics to reveal what your fleet is actually costing you by unit, from the beginning, and use that data to ensure that you operate at the lowest possible cost. We provide a unique detailed view of your fleet’s operation with a focus on variable cost data and use that data to then design a customized financial structure.

The secret to saving: finding the "sweet spot."

Our analytics will identify the point in time when it costs less to replace each unit than to keep it operating. We use this point in time to calculate your vehicle’s optimum lifecycle. Based on your data, this “sweet spot” becomes the basis for creating flexible options that are designed to allow you to be able to make operational decisions by unit based on what the variable data indicates you should do in the future.

We know that varying a vehicle’s lifecycle may increase certain risks such as early lease replacement costs, lease termination costs, market value versus residual. By using our Total Cost of Ownership analytics, based on your variable fleet cost data, we’ll deliver flexible fleet financing and unit-by-unit asset replacement planning recommendations that will eliminate that risk.

Data delivers…constantly.

Analytics should never be a one-and-done proposition. AmeriQuest conducts periodic total cost analyses by modeling the variable fleet cost data our customers provide in up to 100 different ways. This gives customers the data they need to fine-tune the time of replacement for each unit. With that information and our flexible financing, customers realize savings unit-by-unit, year over year.