Logistics Consulting

Optimize Driver and Equipment Utilization

Increase productivity and lower operating costs by 15-20% or more

Increase productivity and lower operating costs by 15-20% or more

Get more out of your drivers and equipment with help from our experienced logistical consultants and advanced technology.

In the highly complex and competitive world of commercial fleet management, many companies don’t have time to step back and evaluate the bigger picture. As you focus on day-to-day survival, operational inefficiencies may be undercutting your bottom line.

AmeriQuest logistical consultants use robust modeling technology to simulate your fleet activities and identify opportunities for savings. We work with you to develop alternative approaches that optimize driver and equipment utilization for average operational savings of 15-20%. Our tools are flexible enough to serve any type of business, and our experienced team achieves rapid results. Best of all, you can see the results virtually before you spend time and money making changes.

AmeriQuest Logistics Consulting services include:

  • Site selection/facility network analysis
  • Driver compensation analysis
  • Productivity and customer service analysis
  • Routing and scheduling analysis/optimization
  • Asset utilization recommendations
  • Performance measurement systems