Supplier Partnerships

Become an AmeriQuest supplier. Expand your brand, and your sales.

We have a network of more than 135 industry-leading suppliers. You should be part of it.

Join our network, and you'll enjoy increased sales and product exposure—while helping more than 2,000 customers manage their ongoing transportation strategy.

  • Grow Your Customer Base - we put your company in front of more than 2,000 industry executives responsible for purchasing fleet-related products and services every day.
  • Speed payment and reduce credit risk – receive payment directly from us within established credit terms, eliminating accounts receivable worries and receiving cash in the bank quicker than industry-standard 30-day invoice processing.
  • Reduce operating costs – get up to 5% lower sales and processing costs with added benefit of enhanced customer relationships through our paperless, electronic invoicing system.
  • Create a new, efficient sales and marketing channel - we’ve consolidated procurement activity of fleet managers responsible for thousands of commercial trucks and provide a vital information resource for thousands more, creating a viable channel for you to market and sell your products.
  • Enhance customer loyalty – give your customers preferred pricing and rebates to develop a strong brand loyalty and drive recurring purchases.
  • Efficient IT investment – Avoid complex, expensive, and time-consuming integration with diverse purchasing systems across a fragmented customer base. All customer data becomes an asset to our suppliers for analysis of trends, purchasing demographics, and history.

For more information on becoming a supplier, contact David Nitzsche, Senior VP of Supply Management at (954) 509-7113 or e-mail your request to