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CURE Leasing & Maintenance Offers Excellent Lease Options on 2016 Freightliners

The third-party equipment provider announces low lease-end residual agreements on the latest model year trucks, enabling independent contractors to build equity in their business.

NORCROSS, GA, May 11, 2015CURE Leasing & Maintenance, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AmeriQuest Business Services, Inc., announced today it is now offering independent contractors low lease fees on zero-mile 2016 Freightliner Cascadias. CURE provides truck leasing and maintenance services on new and late-model trucks to carriers that use independent contractors as part of its transportation programs.

CURE's comprehensive programs assist with the necessary separation between the carrier and independent contractor (owner operator) while also delivering valuable cost savings and efficiencies. The CURE Sponsor Carrier Program is a turnkey solution whereby CURE provides the financing, the truck, and the maintenance to a carrier’s independent independent contractors. This frees the carrier from incurring debt for fleet assets and services while providing independent contractors with a fixed cost they can rely on to run their business.

“We know that by offering leases on the latest model year vehicles, we’re supplying a truck that’s likely to be more fuel efficient and require less maintenance. That’s good news for both the carrier and the independent contractors,” said Brett Petersen, Chief Operating Officer for CURE. “Currently, we’re offering 2016 Freightliner Cascadias with preferred pricing on 60-month leases. These low-entry cost leases will allow independent contractors to build real equity in their business.”

But CURE’s involvement doesn’t stop with the signing of the lease. According to Petersen, “Independent contractors are really focused on keeping their trucks serviced. Since our lease pricing includes a maintenance contribution and CURE coordinates and actually pays the maintenance, independent contractors no longer face the burden of scheduling PM’s and monitoring regular maintenance schedules. As long as payments are made on time and there’s been no vehicle abuse, maintenance is covered. In addition, the lease also includes an extended warranty and access to our 24/7/365 fleet breakdown service, Road Rescue.”

“We’re really providing a win-win for everyone involved,” concluded Petersen. “Independent contractors can get an advantageous lease on a 2016 Freightliner and the sponsor carriers are able to expand their fleets without the necessity of maintaining a leasing or maintenance department since we take care of their transportation issues. Instead, they can focus on building their businesses.”

About CURE Leasing & Maintenance, LLC

CURE Leasing & Maintenance, a wholly owned subsidiary of AmeriQuest Business Services, provides truck financing solutions and maintenance services to companies using independent contractors as part of their transportation program. CURE offers comprehensive programs that assist with the necessary separation between the carrier and independent contractor while also delivering valuable cost savings and efficiencies. Whether a company desires to convert from employee drivers to independent contractors, transfer financing from the carrier to the driver, or is simply looking for an alternative to existing financing sources, CURE Leasing & Maintenance offers competitive solutions. More information can be found at