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10 Reasons AP Automation is a No-Brainer

Corcentric’s latest blog lists the most convincing reasons to implement e-invoicing and AP workflow automation into a company’s AP approval process.

July 29, 2013, MCLEAN, VA — Acknowledging that companies are often resistant to change, Corcentric, a leading provider of Accounts Payable automation and e-invoicing solutions, lists the 10 top reasons why companies should implement AP automation into their AP processes in their latest blog. Battling back the concerns of expense, time, and a need for too much IT involvement,

The AP department can take on a more strategic role

  1. Automation will cut costs
  2. Controlling payables through automation will improve cash flow
  3. Early payment discounts can reduce costs
  4. AP automation technology is now tested and proven
  5. Cloud-based technologies offer faster ROI
  6. Automation and virtual invoicing streamline the approval process
  7. Automation allows for stricter external compliance with regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley
  8. Supplier on-boarding is quick and easy
  9. Getting executive approval is much easier when CFOs and Managers can see the obvious financial outcomes

The blog also allows readers to download Corcentric’s asset, “10 Reasons AP Automation Makes Sense,” which goes into greater detail on each of the above reasons.

The Corcentric blog is a knowledge center for accounts payable professionals to explore automation best practices along with the latest trends and news in financial process automation.

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