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Jim Carroll, Futurist

Jim is one of the world's leading international futurists, trends, and innovation experts, with a client list that ranges from Northrop Grumman to Johnson & Johnson; the Swiss Innovation Forum to the National Australia Bank; and the Walt Disney Organization to NASA. His focus is on helping to transform growth-oriented organizations into high-velocity innovation heroes. Mr. Carroll is also an author, with books including The Future Belongs To Those Who Are Fast;Ready, Set, Done: How to Innovate When Faster is the New Fast; and What I Learned From Frogs in Texas: Saving Your Skin with Forward Thinking Innovation. He and his wife Christa established their publishing company, Oblio Press, in 2004.

Ram Charan, Business Advisor

Ram Charan is a world-renowned business advisor, author and speaker who has spent the past 35 years working with many top companies, CEOs, and boards of our time. In his work with companies including GE, Bank of America, DuPont, 3M, and Verizon, he is known for cutting through the complexity of running a business in today’s fast changing environment to uncover the core business problem. His real-world solutions, shared with millions through his books and articles in top business publications, have been praised for being practical, relevant and highly actionable—the kind of advice you can use Monday morning.

Brian Cota, VP of Sales, Daimler Trucks North America

Brian Cota began his career at Daimler Trucks North America in 1994 in the Sales and Marketing group at Detroit Diesel. In 2001, Mr. Cota joined Freightliner as a District Manager in WI. In 2007, he became Region General Manager in the Central Region for Freightliner based in Kansas City. In 2010, he relocated to the corporate office in Ft. Mill, SC for his current position as VP Sales where he manages the Sales Department and is responsible for new truck sales in the U.S. and Canada.

Marshall Doney, Senior Executive VP, Chief Operating Officer AAA

Marshall L. Doney began his tenure at the AAA almost thirty years ago. Currently he holds the positions of Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, overseeing a wide range of programs and initiatives for the association. Marshall creates and manages all of AAA’s e-Business initiatives including social media, mobile solutions and digital marketing efforts, along with overall marketing strategy, planning and research. In addition to overseeing the Automotive departments to ensure strategic alignment through Pacesetter initiatives (which includes roadside assistance, repair networks, telematics, driver training, automotive engineering and technical training), Marshall also oversees Travel Agency services, Information services, Member Discount programs, and Publishing & Travel information. Before assuming his current position, Marshall served as director of marketing and service quality at the Automobile Club of New York and staff director of marketing and member services at AAA Wisconsin.

Marcus Luttrell, The Lone Survivor

On June 28, 2005, Marcus Luttrell and SEAL Team 10 were assigned to a mission to kill or capture Ahmad Shah, a high-ranking Taliban leader responsible for killings in eastern Afghanistan and the Hindu-Kush mountains. The SEAL team was made up of Mr. Luttrell, Michael P. Murphy, Danny Dietz, and Matthew Axelson. A group of goat herders stumbled upon the SEALs, and the SEALs immediately took control of the situation and discussed what to do with the herders. After taking a vote and basing their decision on ROE, Mr. Murphy made the final decision to let them go. The herders were subsequently released and disappeared over the mountain ridge. Mr. Luttrell believed they immediately betrayed the team’s location to local Taliban forces and within an hour, the SEALs were engaged in an intense gun battle. In the ensuing battle, the rest of the SEAL team members were killed. Team leader Michael Murphy was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in the battle. Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson, and Marcus Luttrell were awarded the Navy Cross. An MH-47 Chinook helicopter was dispatched with a force consisting of SEALs and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment “Nightstalkers” to rescue the team, but the helicopter was shot down by an RPG. All 16 men on the Chinook were killed. Mr. Luttrell was the only survivor. Badly wounded, he managed to walk and crawl seven miles to evade capture. He was given shelter by an Afghan tribe, who alerted the Americans of his presence, and American forces finally rescued him six days after the gun battle. Following his physical recovery from Operation Redwing, Marcus Luttrell went back and completed one more tour before being medically retired. He then wrote the book, Lone Survivor, to share the amazing story of his brothers who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Theresa Payton, Cybersecurity Authority, Former White House CIO

Theresa Payton is one of America's most respected authorities on Internet security, net crime, fraud mitigation, and technology implementation. As White House Chief Information Officer from 2006 to 2008 -- the first woman ever to hold that position -- she administered the information technology enterprise for the President and 3,000 staff members. Prior to working in federal government, Payton held executive roles in banking technology at Bank of America and Wells Fargo. As founder of Fortalice, LLC, a security, risk, and fraud consulting company, she now helps organizations improve their information technology systems against emerging, amorphous cyber threats. In 2010, she was named by Security Magazine as one of the top 25 "Most Influential People in Security."

Martin Regalia, Chief Economist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Martin A. Regalia is Senior Vice President for Economic and Tax Policy and Chief Economist at the United States Chamber of Commerce. In conjunction with Chamber members, he is responsible for developing Chamber policy on tax and economic issues. Dr. Regalia also oversees the Chamber's Council on Small Business and the Corporate Leadership Advisory Council. He appears on national television news and debate programs, testifies before congressional committees, authors articles and publications on a variety of economic topics, and speaks to many groups across the country.

Curt Steinhorst, Generational Expert

Curt Steinhorst is a communications expert, entrepreneur, columnist, and one of America’s rising Gen Y leaders in the professional speaking market. He has been a speaker at events for major companies, including GM, Raytheon, and Cadillac, as well as national and international associations. Curt is a Certified Speaker at The Center for Generational Kinetics, an organization that converts generational trends into breakthrough opportunities for a wide range of businesses. Mr. Steinhorst’s personal experiences leading Gen Y and his direct work with business leaders make him a powerful voice for this emerging workforce. Prior to launching his own speaking career, he founded The Promentum Group, a communications consultancy.