Truck Financing - Capital Equipment Finance Options

Maximize the Value of Your Commercial Truck Fleets

Increase productivity and lower operating costs by 15-20% or more

Aggregated Truck Fleet & Equipment Buying Power

Optimize your transportation investment with our consultative, data-driven Commercial truck financing and fleet planning services.

Focused on large private fleets, the AmeriQuest fleet financing solution begins with an in-depth analysis of your transportation data. Our highly-trained team evaluates your vehicle specifications, acquisition costs, maintenance costs, historical fuel economy costs, utilization patterns, and many other factors.

We then leverage our extensive experience and broad knowledge of the Commercial truck industry to deliver fleet financing and planning recommendations that can increase your productivity and lower overall operating costs by 15-20% or more. These consultative services are included in our fleet financing solution.

We use your data to help you determine how long to operate your equipment, what financial structure best meets your business goals, and what equipment will produce the lowest overall operating cost. When you're ready for capital equipment or truck financing, we partner with some of the largest banks in the country to deliver low cost of funds with maximum flexibility without residual risk.

We have saved AmeriQuest customers millions of dollars. Let's figure out how much you can save.

TRAC Lease Truck Finance Solutions

With a TRAC Lease through AmeriQuest, you can finance a commercial truck or trailer with a guaranteed purchase option at the end of the term. AmeriQuest enables you to maximize your monthly cash flow and eliminate the substantial investment with this innovative truck financing option. With a TRAC lease from AmeriQuest, you eliminate the guesswork by paying a fixed amount equal to what the vehicle is predetermined to be worth at the end of your truck or fleet leasing cycle.

FMV Lease

With an FMV Lease (Fair Market Value Lease) from AmeriQuest, you can expand your fleet with minimal ownership risk and no end of lease residual requirements. And FMV Lease from AmeriQuest provides peace of mind knowing there are no vehicles to sell or remarket at lease term and no ownership hassles to worry about at lease maturity. You benefit from low initial cash outlay, low monthly payments compared to conventional straight financing, and flexible lease terms.

The right financing option for your company and your budget.

  • Semi Truck Financing – Whether you’re looking for a lease or lease to purchase, we offer flexible terms to meet your business needs.
  • Capital Equipment Financing – We’ll work with you to determine the optimal financial structure you need, and then identify the equipment that will produce the lowest operating costs.
  • Fleet Financing – Grow along with your customers with financing that allows you to increase your vehicle count as your business expands, and with minimal ownership risk.
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